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About the Security of the Lakes of Indianwood Subdivision Association Web Site

Keeping our residents' personal information private is important to us. While no Web site can be made 100% secure, we have taken steps to make it difficult for non-residents to access parts of our Web site. These steps should also keep telemarketers, direct mail marketers, and email spammers from getting easy access to your information.

Protected Areas
The following areas, also shown in the tabs above as the "Residents' Area," require a username and password in order to access them:

  • About Secure Site
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When you click on a link to a Protected Area, you will be asked for a username and password. Once you are logged in, you will not be asked for it again during the session if you continue to browse actively through the site.

Public Areas
Other parts of this Web site do not require a username or password, and are open to the general public. These areas include:

  • About Lakes of Indianwood
  • Directions to the Lakes of Indianwood
  • Neighborhood map (street map)
  • Oxford Information
  • Lake Orion Information
  • Oakland County Information

Accessing this site from a public computer
If you browse a Protected Area of the site and you are idle or stop browsing for several minutes, you will be prompted for your password again. This helps prevent someone who uses the computer after you do from accessing the Protected Areas of the Lakes of Indianwood Web site.

However, we would still ask you to refrain from browsing the Protected Areas of the site from a computer in a public library, Internet Cafe or other public area. It's very easy for a hacker to place a program on such a computer to intercept your username and password.

Also, some Web browsers will automatically save your name and password so you don't have to retype them. While this can be a convenient feature, on a public computer that would give everyone access to the Protected Areas of the site.

Resource Center

Lakes of Indianwood Homeowner Directory

Protecting our Wildlife

NO HAZ Information

Lakes of Indianwood Association Files

Complaint Filed in the Circuit Court for the County of Oakland

Architectural Approval Process Instructions
Architectural Approval Process Checklist
Tree Removal Approval Process
Resident Issues for Board Intervention

Information About Our Lakes

Information About Phragmites

Association Tree Liability Issues

Information About Our Roads


Announcements and LOI News

Annual Meetings

Past Newsletters:

The Social Committee Newsletter was started in 2004. Then the Board Report Newsletter was launched in 2005 to provide LOI residents with information about the activities and decisions of your Subdivision Association directors, and also news relevant to the neighborhood. Back issues are available by clicking on the links below:

Welcome New Residents
The Lakes of Indianwood Board of Directors would like to welcome our new residents. As new residents, you should have received a Homeowner Information Sheet to fill out. The purpose of the form is for you to provide us with your contact information which is used to communicate important news and announcements about the subdvision to our residents. Please return the completed form to us by mailing it to the address on the form or emailing it to [email protected]. The Board sends out several emails throughout the year when necessary to notify residents of important events and activities.

Also, please note that any tree removals, architectual or landscape changes require Board approval as specified in our deed restrictions. Feel free to contact the Board at any time with questions.

Homeowner Information Sheet

Nature Preserve Areas
Thanks to the residents that help take care of our Nature Preserve Areas by picking up debris. Please report any problems to the Board through email at [email protected].

Residents will be notified of events through E-Blasts.

PositionNameTerm Expiration

Gary Szuch
[email protected]

Vice President:

Tom Stack


Gary Absher
[email protected]


Jane Childers
[email protected]

Director at Large:

Jim O’Connor


To E-mail All Board Members [email protected]

Committees and Activities 

2021 Committees